For $20, Eat A First-Class Meal In Your Economy Seat On US Airways

U.S. Airways DineFresh meal

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U.S. Airways knows that it’s difficult to afford a first-class seat on an international flight these days, so they’re giving economy passengers a taste of first class.DineFresh, a program the company launched Wednesday, allows passengers flying economy to order premium in-flight meals for just $19.99.

Right now, there are only two meal options listed on U.S. Airways’ website: citrus-marinated chicken skewers and a portobello mushroom tortellini (the vegetarian option).

These meals are served in-flight with a miniature bottle of wine. Classy.

If you plan on flying economy with U.S. Airways on your next international trip, don’t forget to book your meal at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, you’re stuck with economy’s complimentary meal.

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This story was originally published by Food & Wine.