US Airways Is Ignoring A Federal Lawsuit And Moving In With American Airlines

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US Airways is moving into American Airlines’ terminal at JFK. REUTERS/Larry Downing

Despite a lawsuit by the Department of Justice to block the merger of American Airlines and US Airways, the two airlines are moving in together at New York’s JFK Airport.

According to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which oversees New York City’s airports, they’re getting together starting tomorrow:

Terminal 8 is also home to American Airlines.

US Airways spokesperson Todd Lehmahcer confirmed the move to NYC Aviation, explaining “the terminal building we are moving into is newer and larger than our current home at JFK,” and will offer a “better customer experience.”

The DOJ’s move to block the merger came as a surprise, since the Department has allowed three other significant airline mergers in the past five years. It argues that both airlines will be fine financially on their own, and that the merger would hurt consumers by limiting competition.

American Airlines and US Airways filed a motion last week to set a trial date for November 12, which would give all parties about three months to prepare. The DOJ requested 180 days before going to court.