US military releases footage of airstrikes pounding an ISIS financial headquarters

The US-led anti-ISIS coalition has continued putting significant pressure on the terrorist group, with an airstrike earlier this week that targeted a financial facility of the group.

The coalition strike was carried out against an ISIS (aka Daesh) headquarters and financial facility near the Iraqi city of Mosul. The goal of the strike, according to Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve, was to disrupt the group’s operational abilities.

“The coalition has increased their efforts to weaken Daesh and one of the key lines of effort is going after Daesh’s finances,” the task force wrote on YouTube. “Recent airstrikes on Daesh cash distribution sites have denied Daesh millions of dollars that they would have used to finance their operations and pay their fighters.”

The January 18 strike followed a similar coalition airstrike on January 11, which targeted a cash-distribution center and two command posts near Mosul.

In November, the coalition carried out a string of heavy airstrikes against ISIS oil assets in order to further undermine the group’s financial capabilities. It is estimated that the group receive two-thirds of its revenue through illicit oil sales.

The coalition efforts at targeting ISIS financial centres comes as ISIS command has recently announced that all fighters across the board will have a 50% pay cut.

You can watch a GIF of the January 18 airstrike below:


And you can watch the entire video here:

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