US Airman Body Slams People In The Ring During His Off Time

It’s like a real-life super hero story.

Tech Sgt. Anthony Valentin is a combat operations controller by day, and a fierce wrestler by night.

He tells Airman Magazine that he always wanted to be like G.I. Joe as a kid in Brooklyn. Then he saw World Wrestling Federation’s Ultimate Warrior tear across his TV screen and was changed forever.

“I saw the way the crowd reacted, the attention he (received) and any little thing he did everyone watched him. That’s when I knew I wanted to be a wrestler.”

Valentin's career began in 2005, when he found the right wrestling school.

His mother wanted him to be a 'good guy' in the ring.

As a wrestler, grooming standards are even more pronounced than the military. Valentin had to do what some would consider the more feminine practices.

Even bad guys in wrestling get their eye brows plucked.

There is an element of team work in the ring, good or bad, wrestlers have to watch out for each other.

He still has an obligation to the Air Force, which makes stretching all that much more important. Valentin cannot afford an injury.

Fake or not? Well, the bite, probably fake, but the choke, not so much.

Like any set of dual endeavours, Valentin says that getting better at one, makes him better at the other.

Except now he has a fan base. Probably not that many people cheering him on at his desk on base.

And now the roles have reversed from so many years ago — now, Valentin has little ones to inspire.

Valentin should be an inspiration to all, regardless. After all, who gets to live two dreams at once?

You've seen some carnage in the ring ...

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