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What's Happening In US

Jalen Rose tells Paul Pierce he is being 'petty' during ESPN segment about his feud with Isaiah Thomas

China is destroying imports that say 'Made in Taiwan' as part of its massive political crackdown

Tim Cook: Apple told users it was slowing iPhones, but 'I don't think a lot of people were paying attention'

Trump announced his 'fake news awards' and the site he linked to went down almost immediately

C3 IoT, an almost failed startup founded by a colourful billionaire who was trampled by an elephant, has raised another $100 million

Buses carrying Apple and Google workers had their windows broken in a series of targeted highway attacks

Tom Brady injured his throwing hand in practice when he collided with a teammate

New poll suggests Trump's attacks on the Russia probe and the FBI are having an unexpected effect on voters from both parties

GENE MUNSTER: Apple could use its repatriated cash to buy Magic Leap or Peloton

House Democrats introduce a bill to legalise marijuana and provide 'restorative justice' to communities impacted by the war on drugs

JK Rowling just debunked a legendary 'Harry Potter' myth about her university -- and students are shocked

Apple is taking a page out of Amazon's playbook by teasing its new campus

The NYC truck attack suspect is seeking a plea deal to accept a life sentence and avoid the death penalty

Cryptocurrency markets are rebounding after a massive crash

North and South Korea to march under a unified flag at the Winter Olympics

Trump's leaked review of the US's nukes seems to confirm Russia has an underwater nuclear doomsday weapon

Here's why analysts think Apple's cash move is such a big deal

PC sales are continuing to slump -- fewer are sold now than when the iPhone launched

The UK will pay France an extra £44.5 million for border controls

Trump's latest immigration crackdown threatens the economy -- both in the US and in El Salvador