Uruguay's Interior Minister Posts Shower Photos On Facebook, Cries Over Backlash

If a public figure is dumb enough to pst scandalous photos on Facebook and then gets called on it, tough.

It’s hardly surprising that pictures of Uruguay’s interior minister, Daisy Tourne in the shower, posted on her private Facebook page, made their way into the public domain.

(Relax. You can’t see anything, just her face and hands under trickling water, but the photo’s caption reads, “there’s nothing more natural than a woman in the shower.”)

But this dumb Tourne decision was enough to outrage former Uruguay officials, who insist such conduct does not befit someone in her position.

LA Times: Former Vice President Luis Hierro Lopez told [Montevideo newspaper] El Pais: “I think it’s in very bad taste that the minister exposes herself so intimately.”

“Ministers have to be more austere, modest — above all the minister of the Interior,” who commands the police force, he said.

Tourne addressed her critics on another Facebook post, saying she cried out of anger over what happened but was used to such backlash after her many years in politics (Translation: After her many years of being so stupid in politics?).

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