The Troops Charged With Two Huge Military Scandals Will Soon Receive Their Sentences

Soldier Silhouette Afghan

Photo: Shawn Weismiller via Dvidshub

The military will soon officially levy disciplinary action in response to two incidents that sparked a firestorm of media attention in the US, and riots near Coalition bases in Afghanistan.Reuters reports that Six US Army soldiers are receiving administrative punishment for burning Korans. Allegedly, prisoners were using the Koran paper to write notes to each other, prompting the soldiers to destroy the books. An Afghan working on the base caught the Americans burning the Korans and leaked the information off the base.

At least 30 people died in the riots that followed the news, capped by the death of two American officers shot to death allegedly by an insider in the Afghan interior ministry.

The high visibility Koran burning occurred a month after a group of US Marines captured themselves on video urinating on corpses.

“Have a nice day, buddy,” said one of the Marines on the video, followed by an off-colour joke from another Marine.

defence Secretary Leon Panetta and President Barack Obama both issued statements condemning the burnings and the corpse urinations, and the American media spent no less than a week lambasting the behaviour of the troops.

Charges are expected by the end of the day Monday.

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