Urbanspoon Had To Pull Its Page For the Restaurant Caught In The Gillard Menu Scandal


The Brisbane restaurant that produced a menu containing sexist comments about the Prime Minister Julia Gillard has had its reviews page frozen by global online review platform Urbanspoon.

The Richards and Richards page was bombarded with messages after the emergence of the shocking menu, which included the item “Julia Gillard Kentucky fried quail- small breasts, huge thighs, and a big red box”.

The restaurant’s owner, Joe Richards, has claimed it was never distributed to guests at a fundraising event for Queensland LNP candidate Mal Brough. He says it was only intended as a joke with his son.

Twitter caught on to the assault on the page last night:

Urbanspoon spokesperson Brandi Willard sent us this statement:

There were many comments and votes from users expressing their opinions on the current menu controversy involving this restaurant. The comments were a mix of anger and support. While we appreciate that people are interested in this story, Urbanspoon is about personal dining experiences, and our posted guidelines require that user activity be based on personal dining experiences.

Votes, comments and photos posted in response to a news story or other controversy do not qualify as being “based on personal experience,” and are removed. When such a listing is in the eye of the storm, and Richards & Richards is right now, we take the step of temporarily blocking activity.

This morning Dave Carter, a former employee at the restaurant, said he doubted the menu hadn’t been shared around at the event.

The Herald Sun reports he says he had little doubt “that Joe would have shown everyone there. Normally at these functions there is some kind of a joke, some kind of a gag and Joe Richards is the type of person that makes sure everyone sees it and everyone knows about it.”

There’s more here.

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