Urban Outfitters' athleisure brand mysteriously disappeared from the Internet

Without Walls Urban OutfittersUrban OutifttersWithout Walls’ clothing is still available on Urban Outfitters’ website.

Urban Outfitters’ athleisure brand, Without Walls, seems to have bizarrely disappeared, Sapna Maheshwari of Buzzfeed reports.

When the brand first launched last year, the company seemed optimistic.

According to Buzzfeed, former head of Urban Outfitters Ted Marlow called the venture “a new business opportunity whose experiential marketing and unique performance products have developed a community of athletic advocates, providing us with an exciting entry into this unique market.”

He also said that since its launch, it “overperformed” online, according to Buzzfeed.

At the time of its launch, Refinery 29 said Without Walls’ apparel would be the reason “you’ll finally want to work out again.”

But now its footprint on the Internet is completely gone.

The website’s former URL directs shoppers to Urban Outfitters’ homepage now, and its Instagram account has been deleted.

Buzzfeed points to a screenshot of its former Instagram page, noting that the retailer was popular when it had an Internet presence, with over 70,000 followers.

The brand has not tweeted since March — this is the retailer’s final tweet, which happened to be a retweet of one if its MIA blog posts:

The brand has an FAQ section on its website detailing what to do if you want to return something from the seemingly defunct store.

Without Walls gift cards, for example, can be used at Urban Outfitters.

Urban Outfitters’ website says shoppers can still find the brand’s clothes in stores — and the clothes are still available online, but they’re on sale.

Without Walls Urban OutifttersUrban OutfittersWithout Walls leggings.

Athletic wear is an incredibly popular sector that everyone is trying to get in on. Without Walls’ prices are cheaper than market leader Luluemon’s ($US68 for a pair of leggings, although they’re currently discounted for less), and the clothing comes equipped with Urban Outiftters’ signature edge and flair. 

One analyst attributes Without Walls’ disappearance to the fact that Urban Outfitters’ target customer just might not have been that interested in activewear.

“Without Walls was launched with significant hype and there was talk at the time of this potentially becoming a stand alone concept,” Liz Dunn, CEO of Talmage Advisors told Buzzfeed. “I thought the assortment was solid but it doesn’t surprise me that their customer might not have been looking for that product from them.”

Other than the mysterious disappearance of Without Walls and its legacy of controversial apparel, Urban Outfitters seems to be doing just fine. Teens love the brand (even if Urban doesn’t want them to), and in the most recent quarter, comp store sales increased by 2%.

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