Chicago Jewelry Maker Claims That Urban Outfitters Shamelessly Ripped Off Her Necklace

A jewelry maker from Chicago, Stevie Koerner, accuses Urban Outfitters of plagiarizing her designs (via @felixsalmon).

Koerner’s United/World Of Love line features silver necklaces with the charm of a state, country or other well-known destination with a heart cut out of it. So does Urban’s. The description for each piece of jewelry on Koerner’s Etsy page says “I heart” and then the name of the place. Urban named its line “I Heart Destination Necklaces.”

This is not the first time small designers have accused Urban of stealing their ideas.

Unfortunately fashion plagiarism is easy to get away with. Even accusing a corporation of plagiarism can get you nabbed with a libel suit, as happened recently to an Australian bikini designer.

Here’s Stevie’s line ($55):

new york

Photo: Courtesy of Etsy/Stevie

And here’s Urban Outfitters’ ($19):

new york

Photo: Urban Outfitters

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