Inside Urban Outfitters' bizarre Halloween party

True to its boundary-pushing nature, Urban Outfitters threw a wacky and truly bizarre Halloween party at its corporate headquarters.

The controversial retailer posted photos on its blog — and the company wants you to see them.

“We threw the best party ever and you’re invited,” Urban Outfitters wrote on its blog. “Find out more about our home office team, along with some of their favourite costumes, party foods, and playlists that have made their Halloween’s so memorable through the years. (Oh, and yes – there’s also some giant panda heads.)”

Other anthropomorphic animals made appearances, too.

And some more:

The retailer confessed the company had a blast with these animal heads — that are readily available to purchase on Urban Outfitters’ website — on Twitter:

 Many of the photos on the retailer’s website look like they came right from the party. Like these two panda heads:

“It’s a giant panda head!” The product description reads. “Just put it on and off you go – searching for bamboo to eat and YouTube videos to make. And when you get tired from all your adventures, just take a drink right through your panda mouth. Being a panda is awesome.”

It also costs $US68 a head.

And here’s a poodle mask available on Urban Outfitters’ website, which retails for only $US36.

As bizarre as it may seem, these costumes relatively tame for Urban Outfitters, a retailer known for its controversial apparel — such as a tapestry reminiscent of the Holocaust and a blood-stained Kent State sweatshirt (the latter of which the company apologised for on social media). A panda head is completely benign — and after all, it’s Halloween season.

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