Urban Outfitters Applies For Liquor Licence At New York Store

Urban OutfittersScott Eells / Getty ImagesPedestrians pass in front of ‘Urban Outfitters’ on 6th Ave. and 14th street in Manhattan.

Urban Outfitters is opening a new location in New York City and wants to sell booze at the store, according to The Daily News.
The new shop, which is currently under construction, is located in the Williamsburg neighbourhood of Brooklyn and is one of 37 applications for a liquor licence in the area.

Some locals aren’t in favour of the retailer’s presence in the hipster neighbourhood in the first place. The effort to get a liquor licence has them at further odds with the company. If Urban Outfitters gets the licence, that means one fewer bar or restaurant has an opportunity in the area.

“The whole point of bars in this neighbourhood is that they are owned by people who live here, they are small local businesses,” Alicia Cantor-Palm, 29, told The Daily News. “It doesn’t make sense for (Urban Outfitters) to be here anyway.”

The company has not issued any comments about the application and intentions for the store.

There has been an increasing number of applicants for liquor licenses in the Williamsburg and Greenpoint areas of Brooklyn, which could affect the likelihood of applicants receving one. Aside from that, some don’t think it would even make sense for Urban Outfitters to sell alcohol.

“I can’t think of a circumstance for which it would be appropriate for Urban Outfitters to have a liquor licence,” City Councilman Stephen Levin (D-Greenpoint) said in a statement. “We must ask ourselves, ‘Do we really want people drunk when they are buying their skinny jeans and ironic t-shirts?'”

Urban Outfitters seems to think so.

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