UPS CEO Scott Davis: We Need To Fix Our Crumbling Infrastructure

This post originally appeared at Harvard Business Review. It is part of the HBR Insight centre on American Competitiveness.

The U.S. economy is improving, but the recovery’s been slower than expected. Why? The business leaders I talk to lack the confidence to increase investments and expand hiring. They’re concerned with growing budget deficits, uncertain tax policy, rising energy costs, and crumbling infrastructure. Four key changes could reassure them — and ignite private-sector growth.

First, develop a strategy for energy security — then stick to it. We need a plan that will lead to energy independence so that we can stop moving from one energy crisis to another.

As we increase domestic energy production, we’ll reduce our dependence on foreign oil. That will improve our nation’s energy security and help our economy by creating new jobs and investment in this country — instead of overseas.

Clean energy technologies hold great promise for the future. But to reap the benefits, the public and private sectors need to work together and make a sustained commitment to testing and developing the most effective alternative fuel technologies.

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