An Upper East Side apartment that looks like a replica of Versailles just listed for $10 million

1215 Fifth AvenueSotheby’s International RealtyJust like Versailles, only a little smaller.

Most visitors would like to take home a piece of Versailles when they visit the palace. Interior designer Slatkin decided to make his own.

He bought two apartments in an Upper East Side co-op building and spent nearly two decades renovating it to become his own “homage to Versailles,” according to the New York Times.

Slatkin is selling the home for $US10 million as it’s now “a finished canvas.”

Nikki Field of Sotheby’s International Realty has the listing.

The Brisbane House at 1215 Fifth Avenue is a Central Park-facing co-op building in the Upper East Side area brokers are increasingly calling 'Upper Carnegie Hill.' (Though it would more traditionally be referred to as East Harlem.)

The entire apartment was completely redone to mimic the opulence of Louis XVI.

Though this entrance hall isn't quite as grand as the Hall of Mirrors, it's probably the most similar you'd find this side of the Atlantic.

Nearly two decades ago, Interior designer Howard Slatkin bought two apartments on the 14th floor of the building.

He spent 33 months combining the residences into one mammoth 3-bedroom apartment.

It took another 17 years to turn the residence into the model of 18th century French luxury.

The redesign relies heavily on vintage French imports.

Carved and gilded moldings are featured throughout the apartment.

Gold-painted sconces and candelabras bring the 18th century France feel home.

The eat-in chef's kitchen may be a little different from its Versailles inspiration since you may be cooking yourself much of time.

The dining room might be the most ornate in the entire apartment, with an incredible painted ceiling.

The decor even includes a genuine white French marble 'Louis XVI fireplace.'

The apartment also has stunning Central Park views from all sides.

The office showcases the meticulous attention to detail Slatkin took when matching the ceilings, walls, and furniture.

The bedrooms are crowded with books, but appears no less regal than the rest of the apartment.

The walk-in closet will produce some serious closet envy

It even keeps up the same theme with the rest of the house.

Slatkin is selling the home as it's now 'a finished canvas.'

Looking for something a bit more tropical?

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