The Upper East Side elite are sending their nannies to a 'boot camp' where they learn how to use Uber

A member of a prominent New York City family has created a boot camp for domestic workers whose employers are unsatisfied with their cooking, cleaning and cab-summoning skills.

Jill Wilpon, whose husband is banker Lyle Wilpon, worked in executive search and corporate staffing for two decades before starting Chorz, a staffing service for maids and nannies, the New York Post reports.

And now, she has added training sessions to ensure workers are proficient in everything a Park Avenue family could need.

According to Page Six:

Servants to the wealthy can be sent next Sunday from 1 to 6 p.m. to Park Avenue mum Jill Wilpon’s Chorz housekeeping camp — where lessons include “table setting,” “understanding the workings of a Manhattan building,” “how to work your Cres-tron” home automation system or “load your washing machine” and even “keeping the best linen closet.”

Wilpon also lamented to the Post that many nannies who come from foreign countries don’t know how to use Uber, either, so Chorz, of course, works to rectify that.

This is far from the first time Upper East Siders have banded together to police each other’s help. The blog I Saw Your Nanny functions as a forum where concerned users can anonymously tattle on nannies who they see misbehaving in public.

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