How to update your iPhone if it says you don't have enough space

If you’re trying to download and install iOS 8.4 to check out Apple’s new music streaming service but your iPhone is telling you you don’t have enough space, you might not need to scramble to delete apps and photos.

The secret is iTunes. If you plug your iPhone into iTunes, you won’t need as much free space, only about 610 megabytes. This is how people used to update the iPhone in the old days before we could update iOS “over the air,” or OTA.

Plug your iPhone into your computer and launch iTunes to get started.

1. If a popup notification appears telling you to that a new version of iOS is available, go ahead and click Download and Update and go to step 5.

2. Otherwise, click the small iPhone icon towards the top left in iTunes.

3. And click Check for Update. If it just says Update, click it and follow the next step.

4. Click Download and Update.

5. Click Continue when this popup about purchased items appears. You won't be able to update if you click cancel.

6. A new popup will appear telling you that iTunes will verify the update with Apple.

7. Then another one telling you about the update. Just click Next.

8. And another one about terms and conditions. Click Agree.

9. If you have a passcode for your iPhone, you'll need to enter it just like you would when you unlock it. Then click Continue.

10. Now, your iPhone will update, so just let it do its thing.

11. Your iPhone will eventually reboot and install the update. If your iPhones disconnect from iTunes and a popup appears saying your 'session ID is missing,' just click OK and let your iPhone finish restarting.

12. And boom. You have iOS 8.4. You can check by reconnecting your iPhone to iTunes (if it disconnected), or by going to Settings > General > About, and checking the iOS version in the list. Now go forth and explore Apple Music.

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