Up to 30 guests at a Sydney hotel had to be evacuated and treated after a pool chemical mix-up

The pool at the Pullman Sydney. Picture: Pullman Sydney Hyde Park

Up to 30 guests at the Pullman Sydney Hyde Park hotel were evacuated today after toxic fumes spread through its ventilation system.

The fumes were created when a hotel staff member mistakenly mixed chlorine and hydrochloric acid when tending the hotel’s pool.

The fumes were picked up by the hotel’s ventilation system and spread through the 22nd floor and lift shafts around 9am.

Guests reported an odour and started to complain of eye and airway irritation. Eight were taken to hospital – one with difficulty breathing – and up to 30 were treated at the scene by NSW Ambulance staff.

“If you’re exposed directly to them long term, it can be quite serious for your respiratory system,” NSW Fire and Rescue duty commander Charles Begley told the ABC.

The hotel is investigating.

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