The Unwritten Rules Of LinkedIn

amber mac

Photo: Amber Mac

Amber Mac is the host of  AppCentral on CTV, a weekly columnist for Fast Company, and the author of a book on social media called Power Friending.In short, she knows social networks.

We reached out to Mac to get her take on LinkedIn, the social network for business and professional contacts. It’s easy to use it passively and build a glorified address book, but that doesn’t come close to making full use of the site.

Mac provided us with the following tips:

  • Leverage the platform to its full potential. The majority of users simply collect contacts. LinkedIn is an incredible resource in terms of growing your business, but you must use it properly. The most common mistakes people make include sending invite emails with pre-populated text (take a minute to craft a personal message) and asking for endorsements from people they don’t know well. Also, if you want additional access to contacts and features such as the ability to see who is viewing your profile, it’s worth paying for a pro account.
  • Build on your relationships. Write a friendly message when first requesting a connection, comment on that person’s posts (assuming they’re active contributors to the service), and make introductions that this individual may find useful.
  • If you’re serious about finding work, you might want to invest in a paid account on LinkedIn to be able to send messages to anyone (InMails) and get access to more powerful search tools. With this functionality in place, you’re able to actively seek out the people you want to work for and the places you want to work.

LinkedIn might not have all the flash and appeal of other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, but Mac explains that it offers something much bigger:

“[I]n place of this overt sexiness is the world’s largest network of business professionals looking for new contacts and opportunities.”

Leverage LinkedIn properly and you might soon find yourself with a better job, and a better life as a result.

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