The 25 Most Valuable Blogs

While we’ve been working hard on our 25 Most Valuable Startups list, the folks at 24/7 Wall Street have created a list of the 25 Most Valuable Blogs.

Blog valuation is obviously not a precise science, especially using only third-party traffic information, but 24/7 analyst Doug McIntyre is smart enough to acknowledge this. And his analysis is the most thoughtful and comprehensive look at the value of some top blogs that we’ve ever seen.

Doug considers several factors:

  • Traffic (uniques and pageviews)
  • Demographics (value of readers)
  • Monetization (type of ads and density)
  • Risks (dependence on star founders, etc.)

And the Most Valuable Blog awards go to…

1. Gawker Media: $150 Million

2. MacRumors: $85 Million (Think this is ridiculous? Check out the traffic)

3. HuffingtonPost: $70 Million

4. PerezHilton: $48 Million

5. TechCrunch: $36 Million

6. ArsTechnica: $15 Million

7. SeekingAlpha: $15 Million

8. Drudge Report: $10 Million

9. Mashable: $10 Million

10. GigaOm: $8.4 Million

11. BoingBoing: $8 Million

12. Silicon Alley Insider: $5.4 Million

Read the full list and analysis here…

Doug was modest enough not to estimate the value of his own 24/7 Wall Street, but it’s a safe bet it wouldn’t be 25th. In any event, we’re grateful to all our readers and sponsors for helping SAI rank so high on the list.

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