20 delicious alternatives to traditional wedding cake

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A lot goes into planning a wedding, from picking out a dress to selecting a venue. When it comes to choosing a cake for the cutting ceremony, brides and grooms shouldn’t feel confined to a traditional white tiered confection.

Keep reading for 20 wedding cake alternatives, from crepe cakes to s’mores bars.

Ice cream cakes are a crowd-pleaser.

Combine two great things — ice cream and cake. Flickr/Debs (ò‿ó)♪

Everyone loves ice cream. While some couples might opt for a sundae bar or rent an ice cream cart, you can go all out with this cold, sweet treat by making it the centrepiece of the cutting ceremony.

Crepe cakes can make a playful addition to your wedding.

This sticks to the tradition of cake, but adds a twist. Joy/Flickr

Lady M Confections, a New York City-based chain of cafes or “boutiques” specializing in Japanese-style desserts, popularised the mille crêpe cake (“mille” is French for “a thousand”).

This layered treat comprising a stack of 20 thin, French pancakes can make a playful addition to any wedding.

Brunch-lovers will go wild for waffle “cakes.”

Recreate brunch with this ‘cake’. Probuxtor/ iStock

Leslie Knope would approve of the waffle “cake.” This brunch-inspired dessert, made by stacking waffle upon waffle, is often bedecked with fresh fruit and whipped cream.

Cookie cakes are more decadent than the store-bought version you remember.

If cookies are more your speed, you can make them wedding-worthy. Facebook/Fatty Cakes

When you picture a cookie cake, you probably envision the flat, oversized store-bought variety with a scrawled frosting message.

Bakeries like FattyCakesNY ― which started in Brooklyn, New York, but is now based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida ― are here to open your mind about the potential of cookie-based confections.

The bakery’s founder, Jennifer Taylor-Miller, crafts imaginative, towering cakes made from layers of cookies (flavours range from chocolate chip to red velvet), which get spread with decadent frostings. For a finishing touch, the cakes are decked out with treats like glazed doughnuts and M&Ms.

Cake pops are a fun-sized alternative.

Cake pops are a basically bite-sized cakes. Shutterstock

If the idea of a whole cake is intimidating, you could opt for cake pops instead. The petite treats, sold everywhere from Starbucks to your local bakery, are a fun-sized alternative to a standard tiered wedding cake.

For those unwilling to break with tradition entirely, you can even make pops that resemble “just married” cake toppers.

For a quirky dessert, opt for a doughnut tower.

There are lots of ways to use doughnuts at the wedding. Brad Gleenlee/ Flickr

Some may find the doughnut trend at weddings too quirky. However, those with a Homer-like devotion to the round confections can spring for a doughnut tower or even a doughnut wall.

Cupcake towers are elegant ― and make dessert a cinch to distribute.

Don’t waste time cutting the cake. Clever Cupcake/ Flickr

Cupcakes make it easy to portion out dessert during the cutting ceremony ― and a tiered stack of them can look even more elegant than a traditional cake.

Pies are a comforting option.

Pie is an alternative and comforting outfit. Shutterstock

Whether you’re southern or southern at heart, there’s no dessert quite as comforting as a homemade pie. This option is also great if you and your partner can’t decide on a flavour, since you could serve a panoply of options, from peach to Boston cream.

If you’re feeling chic, try a macaron cake.

This is luxurious. Ruth Hartnup

For a chic, multi-hued dessert, you can serve a macaron cake.

Whoopie pies are a nostalgic substitute.

A sweet taste of nostalgia. Chococoa Baking Co.

For those that have memories of opening their lunchbox to find a whoopie pie packed with their sandwich, this black and white treat could make a nostalgic substitute for a traditional cake.

Jarred cakes prove that anything is cuter in a Mason jar.

Cakes in jars are perfect for a rustic themed wedding. AlexPro9500/ iStock

Anything is cuter when it’s served in a jar, cakes included. Whether you want a dessert to match the vibe of a rustic wedding or hopped on the jarred food bandwagon, this is a fun alternative to a full-sized cake. Strawberry shortcakes are one of the most popular varieties.

Wedding cookies take the mini trend to the next level.

Wedding cookies are the new trend. igor_kell/ iStock

Take the mini-trend to the next level by serving cookies decorated to resemble wedding cakes.

Rice Krispie cakes add a whimsical touch.

This is a more whimsical option. Shutterstock

Another option that takes a cue from your childhood, Rice Krispie cakes can add a whimsical touch to the cutting ceremony.

Cheese “cakes” are a savoury dessert option.

If you love cheese, embrace that. Jeremy Keith / Flickr

Make like Liz Lemon from “30 Rock” and get your night cheese on by serving a “cake” made from stacked wheels of artisan cheese.

Bundt cakes are a ring-shaped, sophisticated alternative.

This is also a sophisticated option. Shutterstock

“My Big Fat Greek Wedding” introduced those previously unfamiliar with the ring-shaped cake to the wonder of the bundt, which makes a sophisticated alternative.

Dessert tables are an excellent alternative for the indecisive.

Why not just have it all? Igor Ovsyannykov/Unsplash

Dessert tables are the ultimate alternative for the indecisive. Instead of settling for one treat over another, cake pops, doughnuts, and other sweets can exist in sugary harmony.

Meringue cakes are a lighter option.

All the sugar, but lighter. Shutterstock

For a lighter option, swap dense wedding cake for a meringue-based confection.

Individual fruit salads are a carb-free alternative.

Eliminate carbs with this option. Shutterstock

If you want to cut carbs out of your dessert ceremony altogether, individual fruit salads are a healthy yet festive alternative.

S’mores bars are a great DIY dessert option.

S’mores are a great option, in any form. Caviar

If you’re the DIY type, a s’mores bar could be the perfect alternative. Not only are s’mores tasty ― they’re a joy to assemble.

Truffle towers will appease those who love chocolate.

Make it all about the chocolate. KucherAV/ iStock

A truffle tower is the ultimate wedding dessert for those who love all things chocolate.


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