Here's What 8 Of The World's Sexiest CEOs Do In Their Free Time

No job is easy, but being the CEO of a company can be particularly stress-inducing.

The only way to combat that kind of stress is with a hobby that helps you unwind.

These eight CEOs all appear on our 2014 list of the Sexiest CEOs Alive! and they all have one thing in common (aside from running companies): They have some pretty unique interests outside the office.

Tony Hsieh has a knack for poker playing.

Hsieh's got his hands full running Zappos and revitalizing downtown Las Vegas, but he still makes time to unwind with a few hands of poker. Be forewarned: He's really, really good. He even played in the World Series of Poker 'before it was famous.'

But he gets more than just enjoyment out of it. 'If I play poker at a tech conference, depending on who else is playing, it's a good way to get casual face time with someone and build a relationship,' he told Playboy magazine. 'Even if I lose money, I'm still winning.'

Marissa Mayer bakes cupcakes.

While Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer was still an engineer at Google, she wanted to come up with the perfect cupcake recipe, and approached it the same way she approached launching new Google products: by creating a spreadsheet of ingredients and measurements. Then, in true Mayer fashion, she did this with frosting as well.

Interestingly enough, her husband recently proved himself a pretty good baker as well.

Ralph Gilles races cars and motorcycles.

As the senior vice president of product design at Chrysler, and the CEO of SRT Motorsports, the auto company's racing division, loving cars is written into Gilles' job description. But the 44-year-old, who says he's a big Formula One fan, also counts racing as one of his hobbies. And not just cars, but motorcycles, too.

Gilles also draws complex concept cars in his spare time, and has been called a 'car-design genius' from a young age.

Chris Salgardo rides a mean-looking chopper.

Kiehl's CEO Chris Salgardo has the tough-guy motorcycle rider look, but none of the mean-spiritedness. Salgardo gets a thrill from riding his Harley-Davidson Dyna, and motorcycles have always been a big part of his family growing up, but he now also uses them for the good of others.

Each year Salgardo leads LifeRide, a five-day awareness and fund-raising group ride from Beverly Hills to San Francisco to benefit AIDS research non-profit amfAR. To date, Salgardo and Kiehl's has raised over $US500 million through LifeRide.

Tory Burch clears her head on the tennis court.

Tory Burch grew up playing tennis with her mother, swinging rackets long into the night.

'She taught me everything I know about the game,' she said. 'Growing up, we would play for hours.'

These days the stylish CEO can be seen killing it on the court in the Hamptons, and has tweeted that it's only after '2 hours of tennis' that 'summer has officially started.'

Tue Mantoni is an ultramarathoner.

The Bang & Olufsen CEO was inspired to start training for ultramarathons when he watched Italian runner Marco Olmo, then 56 years old, beat a man nearly half his age at the Ultra Trail of Mont Blanc, a gruelling race that takes 20 hours to finish.

He ran the New York City marathon in under three hours, and is now, he told Fast Company, 'doing 100-mile runs in the mountains, in the Alps.'

Jack Dorsey studies flowers, designs jeans, and is a trained masseuse.

Before he reached Twitter, and then Square, fame, Dorsey studied under a respected instructor at the Missouri Botanical Garden to learn the art of botanical illustration -- and was quite good at it, even studying gingko leaves for hours on end.

But the jack-of-all-trades takes an all-or-nothing approach to all of his hobbies; he spent a year training for therapeutic massage certification, and for a time took classes in fashion design to learn how to make his own jeans. 'I was fascinated with jeans,' he said in a Vanity Fair profile, 'because you can impress your life upon the jeans you wear.'

Now see who else made our list.

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