The most unusual ethnic neighbourhoods in different cities around the US

Pretty much any city can claim a Chinatown, but not many cities can lay claim to a Little Persia or Greektown.

From Baltimore to Los Angeles, here are 11 exotic ethnic neighbourhoods around the US.

Fredericksburg, Texas

Nestled in Texas Hill Country you'll find Fredericksburg, a small town named after Prince Frederick of Prussia that proudly preserves its unique German heritage.

German was Fredericksburg's primary language until World War II, and today it's still home to 'Texas German,' a dialect that started when the German settlers who founded the town in 1846 refused to learn English.

Here you'll find the Vereins Kirche (society church), now a museum, as well as the Old German Bakery and Restaurant, Der Lindenbaum restaurant, Opa's Smoked Meats, and the Fredericksburg Brewing Company, to name a few authentically German haunts.

Little Canada, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Despite Canada just being a stone's throw across Lake Superior away, the Canucks planted their flag in the Twin Cities and created their own little suburb.

It started in 1844, when a French Canadian settler decided to build the first grist mill in Minnesota that was independent from the government. And the rest, as they say, is history. Today, Little Canada proudly waves Canadian flags, features a red maple leaf as its official logo, and hosts the annual Canadian Days celebration.

Chindianapolis, Indianapolis, Indiana

Unlikely as it may sound, Indiana is home to around 20,000 Burmese -- Indianapolis is even often referred to as Little Burma in its entirety.

The city's south side, particularly Perry Township, is nicknamed Chindianapolis, thanks to the over 7,000 Chin refugees that live there and have opened Burmese restaurants and shops, the most well-known being the Chin Brothers Restaurant & Grocery.

Persian Square, Los Angeles, California

Persian Square, aka Little Persia, aka Tehrangeles, was formed in the aftermath of the Iranian revolution in 1979, and now has the highest number of Persians outside of Iran.

Thanks to this, it boasts Persian shops, traditional Iranian restaurants, ice cream shops selling treats like saffron ice cream, and eateries serving up fusion faves like Persian pizza and kebabs on every corner.

Little Brazil, South Framingham, Massachusetts

Boston's beaches are a far cry from Brazil's, but they have somehow attracted a vast number of Brazilians in the last 30 years -- Framingham is said to be almost over 57.4 per cent Brazilian.

Signs are in Portuguese, shops sell typically colourful clothing, green and yellow flags line the streets, the smell of fried plantains and Brazilian BBQ is everywhere.

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