A roll of 'remarkably unused' Nazi toilet paper is being auctioned off

World War II memorabilia has always attracted a niche following, and now, the latest item going up for auction is a product that some people can find to be of use in an unexpected emergency.

On September 17, Whyte’s Fine Art Auctioneers & Valuers in Dublin, Ireland is planning to auction off an unused roll of toilet paper issued by the armed forces of Nazi Germany.

This WWII vintage item is estimated to cost between 80 ($90) and 120 euros ($135).

In a quote from the BBC, Whyte’s auctioneers have stated that the toilet paper was in “remarkably unused condition.” Additionally, the roll was considered to a “wartime luxury” during the period of war.

According to the Daily Mail, the toilet paper seems to be named after the Edelweiss, a European mountain plant, and also the title of a popular German marching song during WWII.

In addition to the toilet paper, other memorabilia, such as Nazi soldier helmets and backpacks, was assembled by a private Irish collector and is also being auctioned off.

“The complete collection took about 25 years to assemble and could be considered to be the best possible example of what the everyday soldier carried in World War II,” explained Whyte’s Head of Collectibles Stuart Purcell to Business Insider.

“In all my years of studying fine arts valuation, I never thought I’d be dealing with toilet paper.”

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