Untold Story of The Twin Gulf Oil Gushers? Connect The Dots…

oil leak

Key Tweets

. Cracks show BP was battling Gulf well as early as February http://ow.ly/2f3Ic

.  Whistle Blower told 60 Minutes there was an accident at the oil rig a month or more prior to April 20th explosion http://ow.ly/2feWJ

. Did the BP oil well really blow out in February, instead of April… http://ow.ly/2ffe5

. Seeps could be coming From BP’s own abandoned well – Block 252 http://ow.ly/2feCu
. Why did BP chief Tony Hayward sell shares weeks before oil spill in April? http://ow.ly/2fhiJ

. Why did Goldman Sachs sell $250 million of BP stock before the April spill? http://ow.ly/2fhqu

. Why did Wachovia and UBS sell much larger percentages of their BP stock at 98% and 97% before the April spill? http://ow.ly/2fhxP

. We’ve now killed the Gulf of Mexico: Simmons http://ow.ly/2f2oN

. Video: Simmons discusses BP’s oil spill cleanup efforts http://ow.ly/2f367

. Bloomberg hosts Matt Simmons’s critical view http://ow.ly/2f2SG

. NOAA ship Thomas Jefferson Deepwater Horizon response mission report http://ow.ly/2f4ax

. Ocean Profile data Deepwater Horizon support – NOAA and other sources http://ow.ly/2f4Aq

. Risk of Global Climate Change by BP Oil Spill http://ow.ly/2f4UI

What are your views?  Do any of the dots connect?