Unsold Homes Are Now Homeless And Hurricane Shelters

crane destroy house demolished

See, this is why we just can’t abide with the destruction of unsold homes. Even if you can’t sell them, you can use ’em for something (sometimes).

In Crown Heights Brooklyn, an upscale development filled with granite countertops — which is code word for height of the boom construction — is now being used as a homeless shelter, reports the NY Daily News.

Not surprisingly, the homeless who were lucky enough to land a spot feel very, um, lucky:

“It’s like a hotel. It’s the nicest place I’ve ever lived in,” said Nelson Delgado, 36, who moved into a swanky two-bedroom, two-bath pad two weeks ago.

“It’s beautiful,” added Delgado, an out-of-work truck driver from Miami who’s living with his son Jeff, 17. “The closet in the main room is so big you could put a twin bed in there.”

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And that’s not the only example of homes being repurposed.
Our favourite news site from uber-depressing Palm Beach, CBS12, reports that unsold, foreclosed homes in Florida are being used as places to house people during Hurricanes.
An official with the Federal Emergency Management Agency in Florida says the plan would involve assigning evacuees to available foreclosed homes. They would then pay rent through a contract agent.  Thousands of victims fled New Orleans and other parts of coastal Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama before and after Hurricane Katrina, many of them never returning. New Orleans was especially hard hit and has been slow to recover because of the lost population.
Also, from CBS12 Palm Beach, the bad economy has increased female-on-male domestic violence.

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