Unskilled labourers are now getting paid more than engineers, teachers and investment advisors

Wages grew at 5.5% a year, for 14 years. Picture: Getty Images

A Master Builders Australia reports has warned construction wage growth in Victoria could soon hit the state’s ability to deliver new infrastructure.

The AFR reports Victoria’s unskilled contructions labourers earn $49 an hour if covered by an enterprise bargaining agreement.

According to the report by Deloitte Access Economics, that’s:

“more than investment advisers ($48), engineering professionals ($47), firefighters and police ($44) and nurses and school teachers ($40)”.

Construction wages under EBAs grew between 2000 and 2014 grew by more than 5.5 per cent every year.

In NSW, the average for the same time period was 4.6 per cent.

The AFR reports:

“It added a minimum $48 extra per square metre to the $1750 cost for every square metre of an aged-care facility, an extra $83 to the $3000 per square metre cost of a multi-storey building, and $95 to the $3450 cost of a four-star, multi-storey hotel.”

There’s more here.

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