Here Are The Most Unrecognizable Photoshopped Celebrities

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This post originally appeared at StyleCaster.

When millions of little girls across the world flip through their mummy’s magazines to catch a glimpse of their favourite celebrities, they’re often dumbfounded by how perfect they look. This will of course lead to lives of eating disorders, rampant self-esteem issues and the ultimate realisation that they will just never measure up — all caused by a glorious thing we like to callairbrushing.

Airbrushing, or photo retouching, is an essential part of this industry. I don’t think any female celebs are OK with their image running au naturel. Everyone needs to feel pretty, and technology has made this a reality. Now, let me just say that I’m not judging anyone. If I was being photographed for something that would reach a greater audience than my immediate Facebook network, I would be a f*cking nightmare. First of all, I wouldn’t eat for months (thus sending the french fry industry into immediate peril), and I would hire the most expensive retoucher out of pocket to guarantee that I looked like a prince.

Regardless, many people take issue with airbrushing since it perpetuates myths that everyone famous is perfect. And also, sometimes it just looks completely ridiculous. That said, click through the gallery above for some of the most unrecognizable airbrushing jobs in Hollywood history. Let us know if there is anyone we missed!

Demi Moore's just released campaign for Helena Rubinstein has received a ton of backlash in the press. The fresh out of rehab star doesn't have a SINGLE wrinkle, and frankly looks like an alien.

Christina Aguilera looks impossibly thin here — and people didn't let it slide.

The gorgeous Amanda Seyfriend wasn't looking exactly like herself on this issue of Glamour.

My girl Jennifer Aniston needs no airbrushing, but is completely unrecognizable in this Allure spread.

Madonna is stunning for 53, but this before and after shot shows just how fake they make her look.

I included this gem for fun. Really, Patti Stanger?

Now, see if any of these celebrities are Ivy grads.

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