These Are The 9 Most Unnecessarily Offensive Thanksgiving Ads

offensive thanksgiving ad

Thanksgiving ads are generally pretty basic: there’s food, family, football, and some quirky Black Friday spots.

But some brands have missed mark with their holiday advertisements and stepped into the realm of unnecessarily, and sometimes flagrantly, offensive.

A popular example this year was various bars’ ridiculous decision to market their Thanksgiving events: “Party like a pilgrim, drink like an Indian.”

Considering that many activists find Thanksgiving as a whole to be offensive —since 1970 many gather on a hill overlooking Plymouth Rock for an annual day of mourning for the Native Americans who were oppressed and killed at the hands of early American settlers— the negative stereotype of “drinking like an Indian” certainly ruffled a few feathers.

While McFadden's got the most press attention, it's not the only bar to use this offensive and unoriginal catch phrase.

And this Minnesota bar used far more offensive art.

A 2008 CDC study reported that between 2001 and 2005, 12 per cent of Native American deaths were alcohol related, so this line of advertising isn't funny on many obvious levels.

Here's a vintage Thanksgiving spot from 1926 that tells consumers to take a picture of your family now because they might be dead next year. To add on to the morbid, it looks like the man in the picture is picking a turkey to slaughter.

And of course, no Thanksgiving slideshow would be complete without a word from PETA. NBC refused to run this spot during the Thanksgiving Day Parade in 2009.

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