Todd Akin’s Money Problem In One Chart

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Rep. Todd Akin’s run for Senate just made a major stumble this week. In the candidate’s view, he “misspoke one word, in one sentence, in one day.”In the view of his detractors, he made a sweeping statement that belittled rape victims based on faulty biology. 

There are still a lot of people who want to see the man take office, but at the moment the Republican National Senatorial Committee has pulled funding and it’s unlikely Akin will find too much financial support from colleagues eager to stay away from political kryptonite. 

So, if Akin wants to stay competitive in this race, he’ll need to fall back on other donors to float his campaign. 

Right now, Akin has raised $2.2 million dollars, according to the centre for Responsive Politics.

Here’s the issue. As of mid July, he’s only got $531,000 cash on hand.

This is to be expected for the most part, as many challenger candidates see drained coffers right after a primary fight. Plus, Akin’s win over his party colleagues was particularly hard won. 

Akin was likely betting on the Republican dams to open with his primary win, as people who sat out the three-way battle rewarded the winner and nominee with the funds necessary to beat the opponent.

That’s how party politics work — to the victor goes the spoils. The checks may as well be in the mail. 

But Akin’s cash flow problems are just beginning, since his comment has scared cash from the main party away. 

Claire McCaskill didn’t have any of the same primary problems by virtue of her incumbency, and has been saving up for six years for this re-election fight.

She’s raised $12.5 million over the past six years, and currently has $3.5 million on hand

That’s McCaskill’s $3.5 million on hand — a figure likely to go up — compared to Akin’s $530,000 on hand — likely to remain stagnant, for the time being. 

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McCaskill could expect lots of money from the DNC and the Senatorial committee even before this came up. Now, she may not even need it. 

That is, unless the RNC agrees to look the other way and fund Akin.