If An Employer Has Never Heard Of The College You Went To You Probably Won't Get The Job

Don’t worry if you’re not going to Harvard — the only schools that will hurt your job prospects are ones your potential employer has never heard of.

The Chronicle of Higher Education recently found that reputation will only have a noticeable negative effect for students graduating from an unknown college. A chart from Chronicle — which we first saw in The Atlantic — reveals that employers see local or regional colleges essentially the same as nationally known or elite schools, but unknown colleges can negatively impact a student’s chances at landing a job.

27% of employers said they would be less likely to consider an applicant from an unknown college, with 7% were “far less likely” to consider. No other reputation category recieved more than 3% combined of “less likely” and “far less likely” responses.

Here’s the chart, via The Chronicle of Higher Education:

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