A man was spotted walking around the University of Oklahoma’s campus in blackface and an ‘anti-PC’ shirt

University of Oklahoma is investigating after a man was seen wearing blackface on campus. Twitter
  • Police at the University of Oklahoma are investigating after a man was filmed walking around campus in blackface and a shirt that said “anti-PC” and referenced men’s rights activist Tommy Sotomayor.
  • School officials said in a statement that it was unclear if the man was a student or not.
  • The incident came days after two women resigned from classes when a Snapchat showed their involvement in a racist video featuring blackface and and the N-word.

Police at the University of Oklahoma are investigating after a man was spotted walking around campus wearing blackface and an “anti-PC” shirt just days after two women resigned from classes at the school after being involved in a blackface Snapchat video.

Students at the school posted video of the man walking through OU’s campus, and officials said they were “working to ensure all on campus are safe.”

“An individual has been observed walking on and near campus in blackface,” the school tweeted. “The individual has not been located by OUPD and we have no information on whether he is a student. OUPD is working to ensure all on campus are safe.”

The school’s Black Student Association offered information on “safe spaces” on campus and said it would work to come up with a “viable plan of solutions.”

Videos showed the man wearing sunglasses and a hat while donning blackface and walking through campus.

The T-shirt the man was wearing appeared to reference Tommy Sotomayor, a men’s rights activist and YouTube personality.

The shirt said: “Tommy Mr. King of Controversy Sotomayor, The Anti-PC Tour,” a reference to Sotomayor’s recent speaking tour.

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2 University of Oklahoma students who posted a blackface Snapchat video have left the school amid outrage

It’s unclear if the incident is connected to another incident of blackface involving OU last week.

Two OU sophomores resigned from the school after they were involved in a Snapchat video featuring blackface and the N-word.

In the Snapchat video that was posted on social media last week, a young woman can be seen painting her face black and uttering the racial slur, while another student filmed.

At the time, OU president Jim Gallogly condemned the video.

“This type of behaviour is not welcome here and is condemned in the strongest terms by me and by our university,” he said in a statement.

He added: “While students have the freedom of expression, the negative impact of such conduct cannot be underestimated. The students have offered to apologise in order to reflect their regret.”