The University of Michigan's Instagram account just posted a love letter to a guy who works at the campus Chipotle

If you find yourself hungry at the University of Michigan, you might want to try Chipotle — according to an enthusiastic post on the University’s Instagram account, one of the cashiers there is “actually a model.” 

“The @UMich official Instagram feed has posted what seems to be an ode to a hot cashier at the Ann Arbor Chipotle,” New York Times editor Katie Rosman tweeted earlier Monday

The Instagram love-letter seems somewhat out of place on the @uofmichigan account, which typically posts updates about campus activities. Styled like a photo you might see on Humans of New York, the photo features a woman hiding her face with a Chipotle bag and a caption that declaring her fondness for a certain attractive co-worker at the local Chipotle.

Here’s the Instagram:

Here’s the caption:

My relationship with Chipotle is strained right now because my bae, the cashier guy, hasn’t been there in a while and I haven’t seen him at all. So like, if I’m with him, I usually have to see what he’s working, cause if he’s working in the back I’ll have to try and get his attention and say, ‘there aren’t any forks.’ I can’t look at anyone else. You just focus in on him; everyone does! It’s that smile, and if he see’s this, he’ll know it’s him! He’s actually a model. He knows people know that he’s a model, and we told him he was very good! He has hazel eyes, golden-cream skin, the perfect smile….brownish-blonde hair! You wanna know his name? Jordan. So, if people say “Chipotle Bae,” they’re talking about him.” “If you could say anything to him right now, what would it be?” “You so fine.”

The post has already racked up over 1,400 likes. 

Other Instagram users seemed to recognise this description and began commenting in agreement. “We all know this man,” wrote one commenter. “Have I ever 
told you about my love for that guy too,” wrote another.

Jordan, it seems, chimed in to let his Instagram fans know he’ll be back at the University of Michigan Chipotle in mid-September, adding the hashtag #chipotlebae.

In case you’re doubting that @thejream is the real Chipotle, here’s a shot from his Instagram account.

He seems to perfectly match the caption’s description, and his account features many photos of himself to cross-reference. 

With only 77 followers, Jordan is a far cry from the last cashier who went viral on the internet — remember Alex from Target? — but on a smaller scale seems to have amassed quite the local fanbase in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

But for some, the best thing about Chipotle is still the food. 

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