University Of California's Bizarre, Terrible Fake Punt Is Mesmerising

Across all levels of football, there has been a movement of trick plays on special teams. In the NFL, there’s been hidden punt returners; in college, playing dead on kick-offs; in high school, successful onside kicks. Some are tricky and successful, others don’t work as planned.

In the second quarter of a game against USC, University of California attempted their own fake punt that was, arguably, one of the worst in recent memory.

Cal was down 28-2, looking for a spark. On 4th down on their own 30-yard line, Cal snapped the ball back to the kicker. The kicker faked (?) the punt, and then threw an incomplete pass that was short of a first down, anyway.

The Vine of the kicker’s strange marching routine is mesmerising, frankly.

Aside from the kicker’s strange marching, his throw was wildly short, which was the ultimate downfall of the play. Another angle:

The play obviously didn’t work, and Cal was forced to give the ball back to USC. Cal actually made a game of it in the second half, but lost 38-30.

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