Unemployed Recent Law Grad Accuses Dean Of 'Fiscally Raping Law Students'

A 2012 graduate of the University of Buffalo law school sent a furious letter to the school’s dean after he failed to land a job after getting his JD.

A tipster sent Above The Law the recent grad’s letter lambasting the administrator for his current employment woes.

Having spent approximately three years of my life and approximately $100,000 (a figure that includes tuition, fees, health insurance that SUNY UB requires students to purchase, books, and University housing) to purchase a law degree from your institution I contend that you and SUNY UB Law School have a contractual obligation to ensure that your graduates, such as myself, find gainful employment. If you do not take meaningful action within 14 business days to help me secure such employment I may decide to sue you, every member of the of the [sic] law school faculty, SUNY UB and the state of New York on the theory that a law degree purchased from SUNY UB breaches the implied warranty of merchantability.

The aforementioned warranty stipulates that when any person buys any goods from any merchant, a term is automatically added to the contract by operation of law—that the goods are fit for the ordinary purpose for which such goods are used.

In this case, I am a person who purchased a juris doctor from SUNY UB Law School, a merchant in the business of selling juris doctors. One ordinary purpose of juris doctor is that it is supposed to allow a person to be gainfully employed. Here, I am unable to be gainfully employed as the result of purchasing the aforementioned defective juris doctor from your business. Therefore, SUNY UB Law School has breached the implied warranty of merchantability.

Things get even worse when the grad threatens to come to Buffalo and deal with the dean himself.

I hope that you choose to take meaningful action that will help me be gainfully employed. However, please know that if you do not help me and I decide not to sue you as it is very unlikely that the justice system will provide me with any justice (after-all, it is the justice system that allows the oppressive tyrannical law school regime to exist in the first place) I may, out of financial necessity, have to simply drive to Buffalo and peacefully take your job and peacefully repossess some of your real and personal property. However, I am not certain I could do your job as it involves fiscally raping law students for your own very substantial personal gain and I’m just not sure if I could do that and live with myself.

There’s no denying the forecast of the legal industry is pretty bleak. Demand for legal services across the board fell .8 per cent in the third quarter and some law firms are using short-term debt to stay afloat until the end of the year.

Thankfully legal hopefuls seem to be catching on.

The number of people who took the bar exam in October dropped 16.4 from last year, hitting its lowest level since 1999 and law schools are starting to scale back their incoming class sizes.

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