A Group Of College Students Took Over A Campus Building To Help A Friend Propose

Via reddit, here’s an awesome story of how a group of friends at the University at Buffalo took over a college dorm to help their friend execute an amazing marriage proposal.

Reddit user ICanSeeYourFearBoner explained how they pulled it off:

[We] blacked out all the windows with poster board. Then we traced out letters and poked holes along them, inserting the lights into the holes. It was a process … [It took] like two weeks of planning and maybe like 4-5 hours of work for like 10 of us…

When he stopped her in the middle of the parking lot, he gave his speech and we all waited for the signal. When he got down on one knee, we turned each floor on in descending order with a person in the stairwell shouting to each floor when to turn their lights on.

However, the proposal almost ran into trouble a couple of times. Another participant, reddit user PostModernPost, reveals that:

We were practicing revealing the words in order with only about 15 minutes to spare before they got back. “YOU” and “MARRY” thought they were on the other’s floors. Kept getting revealed as WILL, MARRY, YOU, ME?, only figured it out just before the final reveal…

It was F’ing cold that night and she almost ran in before he cold stop her. There was also lot of rose petals and candles in their apartment for when they got inside. Took 15 or so of us about 5 hours to set all this up while they were at a concert. It was stressful yet awesome.

Luckily, they figured it out, and she said “yes.”

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