University Of Arizona Student Is Reportedly Being Blackmailed With Nude Photos After Her Tablet Was Stolen

A female student at the University of Arizona is being
blackmailed by an unknown person after her tablet containing nude photos was stolen, local station KVOA reports.

The student — who is not identified by KVOA — was reportedly studying in the UA library when her tablet was stolen from her backpack while she was in the restroom. A few days later, she recieved an email from an domain name that read:

we found nice pictures in a used device.

we got it from ur gmail. and easily decrypt the zip.

do u want them back?

The email included two nude photos of the student from the tablet, and asked for $US30,000 in exchange for the originals. The University of Arizona police is currently investigating the situation, KVOA reports.

When she went to the UA police, she recieved an email saying, “Hey girl, we have reasons to believe you have tried the police approach. The communication is now off.” Soon after, her friends recieved an email containing her nude pictures.

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