University Of Iowa TA Removed From Class After Accidentally Sending Nude Pictures To Students

A teaching assistant at the University of Iowa has been removed from her class after she
accidentally sent an email containing nude photos of herself to students, according to The Associated Press.

The email was supposed to contain the answers to a series of maths problems for the business students’ pre-calculus class.

“The attachment was not a set of maths problems, however, but was actually a series of nude photos featuring the female T.A. and a male counterpart — possibly screenshots from a sex video,” Total Frat Move reports.

The images were allegedly from a Google hangout video chat and some were included on the email as .gifs.

This is just the latest episode of provocative press for the University of Iowa — this summer they were ranked the top party school in the country by the Princeton Review and a female undergraduate made waves as “Vodka Sam” after registering a .341 BAC.

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