The Internet Is Amazed/Horrified By The Iowa Student Who Blew A .341 BAC

The Internet has a new hero: 20-two-year-old University of Iowa senior Samantha Goudie, who gained a mix of notoriety and awe this weekend after getting arrested with a .341 BAC.
The University of Iowa was recently named the number one party school in America by the Princeton Review.

As the Daily Dot points out, Goudie was arrested Saturday afternoon by the Iowa City police department for public intoxication after she tried to rush the field at an Iowa football game. The report noted that she was “unsteady on her feet.”

Goudie live-Tweeted her arrest experience, via her Twitter handle @Vodka_samm. Warning: Some of the language in the following tweets is NSFW:

Goudie has gained thousands of Twitter followers and admirers since her arrest, including many men who have become infatuated with the co-ed after her “legendary” and “epic” drinking:

Perhaps unsurprising, some people have found Goudie’s actions not entirely praiseworthy:

Her response?

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