University Graduates Who Relocate To The Top End May Avoid Repaying HECS Debt

Photo: Getty/Quinn Rooney

Ever considered relocating to the Top End? University graduates may be tempted under proposed parliamentary committee recommendations, which would wipe student debts for anyone who calls Crocodile Dundee country home.

A report tabled in parliament this week recommended the appointment of a federal minister to Northern Australia in an effort to develop infrastructure and relocate defence assets and public service functions to the region, The SMH reports.

“The development of northern Australia is one of the great challenges and opportunities facing the nation,” the report says.

“…northern Australia has in the past lacked a commitment by governments at all levels to pursue investment and development in a consistent, sustainable and coordinated way. It is now up to us to prove the sceptics wrong and get things moving.”

The report suggests major road, rail, sea and aviation upgrades and incentives to boost the region’s population, such as the opportunity for uni graduates to have some or all of their HECS debt rescinded in exchange for working in remote areas for an extended period of time.

The bi-partisan committee included Coalition, Labor and Greens members and Senators and the report will most likely inform the government’s 2015 white paper on northern Australia.

It says the region covers more than 40 per cent of Australia’s land mass but accounts for just 4 per cent of the nation’s total population.

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