The enormous growth in part-time employment among Australians with tertiary qualifications, in 2 charts

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Now here are two interesting charts from Macquarie Bank that question the merits of obtaining tertiary qualifications.

It shows growth in full and part-time employment over the past three years among those Australians who have obtained a Bachelor’s or Postgraduate Degree.

Both the proportion of the labour force and population with tertiary qualifications has grown strongly, increasing by around 20% or more over this period.

However, despite being better qualified, the largest increase in employment among this cohort has been in part-time, rather than full-time, positions.

Macquarie Bank

While the relative growth rates partially reflect that there are more Australians employed full-time, the surge in part-time employment among tertiary qualified workers, particularly those with a Postgraduate degree, is interesting nonetheless.

To be sure, some of these workers are probably seeking the flexibility that is offered by part-time employment, especially as it measures those who work up to 35 hours per week.

However, it also suggests that no matter the amount of letters after your name, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you will have the necessary skills to find full-time employment, especially at a time of still-elevated unemployment.

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