United Artists Finally Gets Act Together, Buys Another Movie

We’re not sure who’s running United Artists these days, since Tom Cruise, the highest level remaining executive, told Liz Smith he doesn’t run UA; he just owns it.

But whoever’s making the decisions  made a good one this week, finally getting the wheels turning on another movie.

Cruise, as usual, will produce the film, and might star in it. The script will be written by Valkyrie scribe Chris McQuarrie, which might not be the best move, but it’s not terribly surprising.

No word on whether this move will get JP Morgan (or Merrill Lynch or whoever manages UA’s financing) off the studio’s back, but UA had better get moving if they want this film to be one of the four pictures they are contractually obligated to release by 2010.

Variety: Tom Cruise and United Artists have acquired rights to serial-killer thriller “The Monster of Florence,” with Cruise attached to produce and possibly to star, according to Douglas Preston, author of the bestseller.

Preston and Italo journo Mario Spezi told Corriere della Sera they have inked with UA for a big-screen adaptation of their reconstruction of eight grisly double homicides believed to have been committed single-handedly between 1968 and 1985 in and around the Italian Renaissance gem…

[T]he script will be penned by Chris McQuarrie (“Valkyrie”) and…Cruise will produce and decide whether he wants to star once he reads it.

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