The lawyer for the man dragged off a United flight says a lawsuit is coming

United Airlines passengerTwitterDr. David Dao.

On Monday, Thomas Demetrio, the lawyer for Dr. David Dao, confirmed that his client will sue United Airlines as a result of the passenger’s violent removal from flight 3411.

The veteran Chicago-based plaintiff’s attorney told the Today Show that his client is physically and emotionally hurt after being “dragged off of the plane like a sack of potatoes.”

“(Dr. Dao) really is of the mindset that this is an example of why we need fairness, dignity, and being treated right,” Demetrio said.

In addition, the lawyer added that a face-to-face apology from United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz would do little at this point and that a lawsuit is forthcoming. 

On April 9, Dr. David Dao was forcibly removed from United Airlines Flight 3411 by law enforcement officers after refusing to give up his seat for airline employees needed to operate a flight in Louisville, Kentucky. In the process, Dao allegedly lost two teeth and suffered a concussion. 

Since the incident, United Airlines has been the target of considerable public anger which was not helped by a pair of poorly worded statements from Munoz in the immediate aftermath of the incident. The CEO would later publicly apologise and take personal responsibility for the events that transpired on Flight 3411.

Here is Thomas Demetrio’s complete interview.

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