United Jet Plunges 20,000 Feet Over The Atlantic Before Turning Around

united 757

Photo: wbaiv on www.flickr.com

A United Airlines flight from Washington DC to London was forced to turn around when mechanical problems caused it to plunge 20,000 feet over the Atlantic.Passengers described the nightmare flight to Daily Mail:

Ms Laming, who was joined by her friend Ellie Cauldwell, 22, from Bristol, said she had gone to sleep when she was jolted awake by the sudden movement of the plane.

“The plane dropped and it felt like being on a ferry when it goes up and down,” she said.

“Most of the cabin crew were running up the aisles and we were not told anything for a while.

We could tell from the on-screen maps that we had lost height – from around 40,000ft to 20,000ft – and that we had turned round.

“We gathered there was something wrong with one of the engines.”

The flight returned to Canada, and passengers were reassigned.

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