United Airlines employees are getting new Brooks Brothers uniforms and Tumi bags

United Brooks Brothers repsUnited AirlinesUnited Airlines flight attendants with Brooks Brothers representative.

On Thursday, United Airlines announced that it will partner with Brooks Brothers, Tracy Reese, and Carhartt to create new uniforms for its 70,000 front line employees.

In addition, the airline announced that Tumi has been selected as the official luggage provider for its flight attendants.

“The partners we’ve selected uniquely match what our employees asked for in a uniforms program — style, comfort, and durability,” Kate Gebo, the airline’s chief customer officer and SVP of global service delivery, said in a statement.

“We recognised early on that this would not be a ‘one size fits all’ solution — front-line employees perform vastly different roles and deserve a uniform that meets their specific needs, created by leaders in the apparel business.”

United’s decision to revamp its uniforms was met with strong support from its unions.

Brooks Brothers will be responsible for the design and production of uniforms for all United pilots, male flight attendants, and male customer services representatives. The airline’s female flight attendants and customer service reps will get uniforms designed by Tracy Reese, but manufactured by Brooks Brothers.

United’s ramp service, technical operations, and catering operations employees will get new uniforms by Carhartt.

Finally, all 24,000 of the airline’s flight attendants will receive their choice of two- or four-wheel Tumi roll-aboard bags.

The new uniforms are still in the design phase and won’t be debut until 2020.

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