14 unique gift ideas for everyone in the family — all from Amazon

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Corkcicle $115.89

When I’m browsing for gifts, Amazon is admittedly not the site where I expect to easily stumble across an option that I’ve never seen before or regard as cool. I tend to think that the new and interesting startups have a leg up in this regard. Since Amazon is so familiar to shop, however, an ideal situation would be for me to knock out all my holiday shopping at once there.

It may be a convenient place to shop for ordinary and practical needs like kitchen tools and organisation products, but is it really the best place to find unique gifts for your friends and family? This guide of 22 unique gifts, all available on Amazon, presents a compelling case.

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A hook system more reliable than the MTA


Umbra Subway Wall Hook, $46.33, available at Amazon

Part art piece and part functional organiser, the subway-inspired wall hook reminds them of the joys (and terrors) of riding public transportation.

A GoPro harness for their dog


GoPro Fetch Dog Harness, $46.00, available at Amazon

To see life through their dog’s eyes might be one of the best perspectives an owner can experience. The comfortable and sturdy harness will take viewers on canine adventures of all kinds.

A programmable R2-D2


R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid, $158.00, available at Amazon

Your favourite droid comes to life, with a little help from a corresponding app. It can drive around their home, change stances, and react to movie moments as it watches.

A ring that’s actually a fitness tracker


Motiv Ring, $279.99, available at Amazon

This sleek fitness tracker ring is more subtle than a smartwatch, but just as functional by tracking steps, heart rate, and sleep activity. It boasts waterproof durability and a battery life of up to three days.

A necklace cast from a real rosemary plant


Rosemary Necklace by Michael Michaud, $462.81, available at Amazon

They won’t be able to use a sprig in their cooking, but the hand-cast bronze necklace does keep the fragrant herb close to the heart.

A whiskey glass with a built-in cigar rest


Corkcicle Cigar Glass, $US115.89, available at Amazon

An old-fashioned and a cigar go hand in hand, so it makes sense to just combine the two in one piece of glassware.

Tea lights that look like succulents


Tinkertory Succulent Cactus Candles, $9.99, available at Amazon

Whether they already have enough real succulents lining their windowsill or they just love the look of the small plants, these cute candles are a delightful sight to behold.

A bold calendar with more than 40,000 colourful designs


MoMA Perpetual Calendar, $145.77, available at Amazon

This is the wall calendar to end them all. There are enough combinations of colour and composition for more than 40,000 days, so they will always face each day with a new and vibrant design.

A horn-shaped mug that can still stand upright on a desk


Goat Story Mug, $111.32, available at Amazon

The shape of this leak-proof mug references the old legend that a shepherd discovered coffee beans with the help of his goats, while also ensuring your recipient doesn’t waste a drop of their drink. It includes two carrying straps and the holder transforms into a stand.

A recipe book inspired by the Bard of Avon


Shakespeare, Not Stirred: Cocktails for Your Everyday Dramas, $11.41, available at Amazon

Two Shakespeare professors put together this drama-filled collection of cocktail and hors d’oeuvre recipes, complete with puns like Kate’s Shrew-driver and funny illustrations.

A nostalgic dessert


Edoughble Sampler Pack, $US59.95, available at Amazon

The indulgent sweet treat, available in flavours like chocolate chip and cookies-and-cream, is just like the creamy dough they snuck out of the mixing bowl. The difference is that Edoughble uses all-natural, GMO ingredients and no egg, raw flour, or chemical leavener.

A rocket-shaped cocktail shaker


Irving Stainless Steel Rocket Cocktail Shaker by Viski, $52.65, available at Amazon

The eye-catching cocktail shaker design isn’t so gimmicky as to lose its cool, but it’s still a great conversation starter as they make drinks at home.

A beautiful world map puzzle


Galison 1,000-Piece Full Bloom World Map Puzzle, $34.93, available at Amazon

Instead of traditional land masses and border lines, this 1000-piece puzzle fills in the countries with vibrant flowers, adding a new challenge to a classic pastime.

A mug for budding sailors, fishers, and scouts


Knotical Knots 13oz Coffee Mug, $26.98, available at Amazon

Sip a hot beverage while learning how to tie eight different knots with this interactive mug. It comes with a length of rope so they can jump right into their knot education.

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