A massive retail company is experimenting with 4-day work weeks

Uniqlo is about to overtake Gap in sales.

But now, the brand is making headlines for its latest work week experiment.

In October, Uniqlo’s parent company, Fast Retailing, will let about one-fifth of the company’s full-time employees in Japan work only four days a week, Kim Bhasin at Bloomberg reports.

However, this comes with a clause — in exchange for an extra weekend day, employees will have to put in 10-hour workdays, Bhasin notes.

That said, it is not abnormal for many people to put in 10-hour days during 5-day work weeks.

In 2014, the average American worked 47 hours a week, according to a Gallup poll.

Bhasin points to a Guardian report, which notes that Japanese employees work brutally long hours.

John Boitnott of Inc. has highlighted several perks to four day work weeks, including increased productivity, creativity, and retention.

More productive employees could also contribute to Uniqlo’s rapid growth. Parent company Uniqlo was in discussions to purchase J. Crew last year. While the deal did not through, Uniqlo has continued to skyrocket. The clothing store has even unlocked the mystifying challenge of getting men to love shopping.

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