Uniqlo claims it's not behind the viral sex tape allegedly filmed in a store dressing room

A dressing room in Uniqlo’s Beijing flagship store is the back drop for a sex tape making the rounds on messaging app WeChat and the clothing brand swears it’s not a marketing stunt.

CNN reports,

In a viral smartphone video posted Tuesday, a young Chinese couple can be seen having passionate sex in what appears to be a Uniqlo store fitting room.

A bespectacled man, dressed in black from head to toe, is heard telling a naked woman to kiss him as he tapes their steamy session in the mirror.

“Call me husband” and “say we’ll be together” were a few of other phrases he uttered to her ear as piped music played in the background.

By Wednesday, the majority of the clips had been taken down, though it had been the subject of all of Weibo’s top 10 trending topics Tuesday night (Weibo is similar to Twitter.)

A site called Flamingo Shanghai reports: “By the break of day, WeChat Moments feeds were saturated with content about the video, despite the efforts of government censors to remove and block ‘inappropriate content’ in real time. Searches related to the UNIQLO incident topped the Weibo subject rankings, reaching over 2.5 million searches and posts. Just after midnight, that content disappeared, though new posts are continuing to crop up, including searches for the stars of the video.”

Shoppers walk at Fast Retailing Co's Uniqlo casual fashion chain store in Tokyo April 10, 2013. REUTERS/Yuya ShinoThomson ReutersShoppers walk at Fast Retailing Co’s Uniqlo casual fashion chain store in Tokyo

While people are speculating that Uniqlo was behind the stunt, the brand’s Weibo account asked customers to “obey social ethics and safeguard social justice, and use the fitting rooms provided by Uniqlo stores correctly and properly.”

But the sex tape may have had a positive affect on the brand, regardless of its involvement. An 18-year-old woman told CNN she went to the Uniqlo flagship store in Beijing Wednesday “specifically to check out the fitting room.”

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