Uniqlo will sell clothes out of vending machines in airports across the US

Uniqlo to goCourtesy of UniqloThe machines sell two of Uniqlo’s most popular products.

Uniqlo wants to make shopping for clothes as easy as buying a chocolate bar.

The Japanese retailer is launching new vending machines in 10 locations across the US, including malls and airports.

These so-called “Uniqlo To Go” machines will stock two of the most popular items from the brand’s “LifeWear” collection: a thermal heat-tech T-shirt ($US14.90) and a lightweight down jacket ($US69.90). These will come in different sizes and colours.

Customers will be able to choose the product with a click of a button and pay using the machine.

The vending machines allow Uniqlo to open in different markets and grow their presence in the US without having to commit to investing in stores. It also allows them to take advantage of foot traffic in busy airports.

Uniqlo to goUniqloThe machines will stock a mix of sizes and colours.

The first vending machine launched at Oakland International Airport on Wednesday. A further nine will open around the country throughout August and September.

So far, confirmed locations include Hollywood & Highland Center in Los Angeles (August 10), Houston Airport (August 17), and Queens Center in New York (August 22).

Uniqlo to goUniqloThe two products will be conveniently packed for travel.

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