Unions Slam Qantas For Choosing Modern Family Over Australian Families

Rico Rodriguez, Sarah Hyland and Nolan Gould of ‘Modern Family’ visit the Sydney Zoo

The US television series Modern Family’s recent visit to Australia is revealed to have cost Qantas millions, with the campaign rolling out as the airline prepared to announce it would axe 5000 jobs as part of a plan to save $2 billion.

The flights during the 2 week filming process are believed to have cost the airline $4 million, an expense The Australian Council of Trade Unions secretary has said is “an example of why we want Qantas to look at all options to save costs rather than sack workers.”

“Instead of worrying about Modern Family, Qantas should have been worried about the families of the 5000 workers they were about to sack,” Dave Oliver told The Sydney Morning Herald.

A Qantas spokesman dismissed the $3.7 million figure as “grossly inflated”, saying “This is not exactly new territory for us and we know that exposure through things like Ellen and Modern Family equals more visitors flying Qantas to Australia. It’s a simple equation and it adds up.”

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