You should uninstall Adobe Flash right now

Adobe Flash. Get rid of it.

Just one day after Adobe released its regularly scheduled security update, the company has confirmed the discovery of a major security flaw that affects Flash for users across all systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The flaw is pretty bad. According to Adobe, the flaw could allow hackers to “crash and take control of the affected system.”

Adobe says there’s no fix currently available and the company expects an update in the next week, but there’s no specific timeline just yet.

The good news is, you don’t really need Adobe Flash much these days. Years after late Apple founder Steve Jobs railed against the software, Google has killed Flash advertising in its popular Chrome web browser as of September 1. Google AdWords even makes it possible to automatically convert Flash advertisements into HTML5. Once streaming providers drop Flash, it will be all but dead.

For now though, we recommend uninstalling Adobe Flash for its long history of major security flaws, its regular poor performance, and now this dangerous, newfound exploit, which was discovered by the security intelligence lab at Trend Micro.

Uninstalling this software is the only way to protect your computer and your valuable data, and there are other, better, safer ways to enjoy content on the web. This site offers links to disable Flash in every web browser you have.

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